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Jonathan Frizzell Joins Kevil & Kevil As Principal

May 1st , 2023 | Oak Brook, IL – Kevil & Kevil FIXED ASSET CONSULTING serves business clients throughout the United States of America, is proud to announce Jonathan Frizzell has joined the team as Principal.

Based out of Manette, Washington, Frizzell brings more than 17 years of experience in tax and cost segregation to Kevil & Kevil. Over the course of his career, Frizzell has achieved a deep mastery in the areas of cost segregation, energy efficiency deductions, R&D tax credits, and more. His professional expertise in tax and financial accounting has been well documented through his work as a tax consultant, published industry expert, and other former past professional firms.

Frizzell will work directly with Kevil & Kevil clients to support their financial and tax needs, especially in the area of Cost Segregation.

“Jonathan couldn’t be a better fit for this position at Kevil & Kevil ,” said John Kevil II, founding principal of Kevil & Kevil “He brings with him invaluable experience and a deep dedication to excellent client service that will undeniably ensure his continued success in this new chapter at Kevil & Kevil.”

"I couldn’t be more grateful for this opportunity to work with Kevil & Kevil ,” said Frizzell. “I’m excited to bring my experience to a team that is the only 2nd Generation Cost Seg Provider Family in our Industry.”

Founded in 2001, Kevil & Kevil is a firm staffed by experienced tax professionals who are committed to supporting capital intensive clients with value-added services. A nationwide specialty tax firm focused on engineered tax services, Kevil & Kevil specializes in helping CPA firms and taxpayers by advancing the specialty tax industry through the use of technology and highly specialized tax services. Kevil & Kevil provides innovative tax planning strategies to secure tax credits and deductions with audit-ready deliverables. Kevil & Kevil specializes in tax services such as fixed asset reviews, cost segregation, and more.

Contact Jonathan directly by phone at (206)399-7769, or by email at

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