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Orion Kevil

Orion Kevil

I've been part of Kevil & Kevil (K&K) since we first opened the doors in 2001.


My career started with peforming hundreds of cost seg studies per year on McDonald's restaurants. In addition to McDonald's, I've worked on all property types including new construction and acquisition in retail outlets, malls, hotels, manufacturing facilities, data centers, casinos, office buildings, restaurants, and apartment buildings, ranging in cost from five hundred thousand to two billion dollars.

I've performed Maintenance & Repairs analyses of various property types identifying building costs that should be capitalized or expensed as part of routine maintenance or renovation costs to existing properties. Other Projects I've been the lead on, or assisted in, are: Fixed Asset Review, Allocation of Purcahse Price, Capital Allowances (UK).


I am extremely proud to be a part of a Small Business that has weathered 2 economic downturns and an ever-changing landscape of competitors. I attended Northwestern Univeristy, majoring in Accounting and English. I currently live in Hinsdale, Illinois with my wife and two sons.



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