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Cost Segregation

Fixed Asset Review

As years go by, a company's fixed asset register grows and grows. Often these assets can be entered incorrectly and depreciate over a longer period than required. And assets that, at the time are properly entered, are now able to be accelerated due to changes in the tax law, ex-post facto.

A Fixed Asset Review finds all of the opportunities within your asset list to accelerate deductions and increase cash flow. 

A Deep Dive into the

Fixed Assets

Over time Fixed Asset lists for every company grow and very easily, and imperceptibly, become a haven missed opportunities to harness the power all the tax benefits that are available. Often times a single new improvements project can cause a cascade of possibilities for accelerating deductions from your fixed assets. Perhaps you've CAPITALIZED something that you could have EXPENSED. Or you've put in a new roof but didn't RETIRE the old roof. Maybe in that same project you removed a wall but didn't take the PARTIAL DISPOSITION of that wall. And of course the DEMOLITION costs of that wall could have been deducted but are currently sitting on your tax books? Then there's BONUS DEPRECIATION, which has changed almost annually since 2001 with varying degrees of qualifications. 

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